Our mission is to provide the highest quality healthy fast foods and to educate and inspire our customers to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. Life is meant to be enjoyed, just like food is and we strive to create amazing food that is not only packed with flavor but also beneficial to your body and quality of life. We strive to do this by not only making amazing dishes that we can deliver to your home fridge, but to give our community education about foods, cooking techniques and healthy habits tips that allow our community to be healthier for years to come.

Founded by Naomi Tostado and Billy Anderson, Prep for Success Meals was first launched in Modesto, CA on September of 2014. We quickly realized there was a huge need for healthy prepared foods in our community and local areas. With our background in fitness and nutrition, matched with a top of the line culinary team, we created a line of products packed with flavor and amazing results.

January of 2016 we opened our first retail restaurant location in Modesto, and with this move we went from a simple meal prepping company to something much greater. It was then that we were able to fulfill our mission statement, focusing on education, customer service, and providing the highest quality products that help change lives on a daily basis. We strive to be a local business that provides a positive and impactful presence within our community.

On December 23rd, 2016 we officially changed our name to GoFresh. Our goal was to have a name that really embodied what we were and allow us to have a brand to build around for the long term goal of opening GoFresh stores in cities across the country. 



Our 10 Core commitments were created for our company and team to exemplify their lives in a manner that best represents what we believe in. We hope to strive to lead by example and show people that GoFresh way of thinking and pass on our way of life to our customers!

1. Deliver WOW through service

2. Live healthy, be healthy & teach healthy

3. Build a culture based on positivity

4. Communicate creativity

5. Chase growth, learning & health

6. Be passionate, bold & determined


8. Strive to give back

9. Quality of products always comes before the quality of reward

10. Lead by example


The GoFresh Way:

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