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1. Can I walk into one of your stores and purchase meals today?

Yes, we offer our full menu in-store fresh meals each day at all of our GoFresh stores that do not require pre-ordering


2. What kind of food do you serve?

We offer fresh made, pre-packaged meals that are not only healthy for you but also incredibly convenient. We provide meals for a keto, low carbohydrate, paleo, whole 30 diets and meals that fit all types of lifestyles with meals ranging from Top Sirloin to Salmon and Chicken. Our Chefs use only the highest quality ingredients. We use lean meats and locally grown fruits and vegetables.


3. Do I have to pre order to buy meals?

we do offer pre-ordering, but it is not required. We stock our stores with hundreds of fresh meals daily for customers to walk-in and enjoy daily with no requirement of pre-ordering. You can choose from our full menu daily and also check out our drinks, snacks and so much more.


4. Do you deliver?

Yes, we do. We offer delivery Sunday – Thursday between Central valley cities receive delivery between 2:30 pm and 5:00 pm and east bay cities receive delivery 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm. We do require two days for turn around on all pre-orders, and we do our best to accommodate for delivery time request but can not guarantee.


5. Do I have to be home to receive the delivery?If you are unable to be at your selected delivery location at the time of delivery, our driver will leave your meals in a food-safe bag, in a safe place near your front door and we will first attempt to contact you and then notify you via email informing you that your order has been delivered.


6. How much does it cost?

Our meals range between $7.00 to $11.00 per meal
sides and salads range between  $3.00 to $5.50





7. How long does the food stay fresh?

REFRIGERATOR STORAGE: Our meals remain fresh in your fridge for 5 days including the day the food is delivered or picked up. All meals that leave our kitchen are labeled with full macronutrients, ingredients, reheat instructions, and freeze by dates.
FREEZER STORAGE: If placed in the freezer before or by the freeze by date, your meals will remain good for up to 30 days. We recommend you transfer them from the freezer to the refrigerator one day before eating to allow for proper thawing.